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9. Credits, programming and continuation of ALLCHIMES.ORG
What it takes to Make This Site. - and ideas for more.

The evolution of AllChimes - - - filling the enormous vacuum of chime and tower bell info available.
My demise is inevitable. - how to continue this site - this is YOUR site, remember?
Credit for major contributions to this research and web site.

Wish list - what we might like to add to this site - your knowledge needed

Help - we are just not smart enough to code all of these things.

.   Ability to mass e-mail to sites (based on selection criteria)
.   Sounds of bells
.   AllChimes Canada
.   Pictures of all chime installations - church, chiming apparatus, anything special, notes, film clips
.   Pictures in thumbnail and larger
.   Organize chime crawls
.   Spreadsheet of foundry and # of original bells
.   Spreadsheet of foundry and # of today bells
.   Suggestions for local bell locating projects for kids/communities
.   Automatic mass emailing - making a Newsletter possible
.   Making better use of "Finale"
.   Transposition and word insertion program for numbers, as well as letters.
.   Feedback
.   Guestbook

Debug for internal use.
Hover­_test for internal testing.


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