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Credit - is due many people - from Andy to Zimmerman

Andy Mace - 45 year Chimer at St. John's Episcopal Church in Troy, a generation younger than me and who lived across the country road and is very knowledgeable and continuously helpful on chimes and web design.

Eugene Burns - A fellow parishoner at St. Patrick's in Troy who was a neighbor of the Andrew Meneely family in Watervliet(West Troy).  When the foundry closed in 1952, he was able to get postcards returned from the western territories before they became states.  He has quite a collection of them.  He has given many talks on the West Troy bells and located at least one in every state.  518-235-6699

Comp USA - for offering the courses needed for this PC illiterate to produce this web site.

Joe Connors, Sr. - my father, who played the bells 50 years ago while I watched.  He sowed the seed that chance meetings with Gene Burns at St. Patrick's and Ed Kehn, started me on this chime history path.

Host My Site - for being the absolutely best web site host one could ask for.  877-215-4678.

Pauline & Joe Ienco - When I initially restored the St. Patrick's chime in the early 1990's, they encouraged me to clean up in the bathroom across the street in their store.  Later on, when I mentioned that I would like a cross in the ringing cabin, Joe walked out to his storeroom and came back with a cross that had been on a confessional.  Then, for many years, I ate breakfast there after playing the chimes on Sunday.

Ed Kehn - a long time 3rd generation Kehn employee of the Clinton Meneely Foundry (later Kehn Bell Service) who passed away in 1999 at age 99.  We spent time together and made several hours of video talking about chimes.  Ed left his records to me and most of them will end up at the Hudson Mohawk Gateway in Troy, NY.  274-5267.

Father Tom Kelly - who wouldn't let me touch the St. Patrick's chimes at first because he didn't know me, until many masses, collections and church videotapes later.  Now enjoys the many Irish tunes easily played on the chimes.  He suffers silently thru classical, popular tunes and mistakes I make all too often.

Lisa Lonie - excellent carillonneur from Philadelphia who gave me encouragement and good advice from the beginning.

George Matthew, Jr. - world class carillonneur, organist and friend.  George is willing to push the bar ever forward.  His world-wide experience and stories are staggering.  We found the time to play a few chimes and organs near Troy on several St. Patrick's days.

Rob Milliken - of St. Georges' at Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.  In 2003, we went on a three day trip to many of the chimes in Ontario.  When he first showed me his tower around noon, he told me about the noon hour concert, then he asked me to play the opening tune, disappeared while I was playing it.  Guess who ended up playing the noon concert.  He also started the Canadian chime crawls that continue thru today.  Thru 2010, he is the only recipient of the Quasimoto Award - for his contribution to the bell ringing community.

Carl Scott Zimmerman - statistics magician, spelling expert and digger for correct historical information for The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America.  Although somewhat competitive in nature, we share our info to make our records accurate on both websites, his being far more sophisticated.

Others - knowingly or unknowingly, Bob Verdin, Doug Gefvert, Margo Halsted, Ken Neill, Frank della Penna, Bruce Schultz, Scott Grasso, and more.

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