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Tower Maintenance - whether you have 1 or 80 bells - is often ignored, and can become costly to fix, quite quickly.

There should be a cursory inspection all the way to the top of the tower the first week of February, May, August and November.  This timing is also prior to major church celebrations.  They should be checked for pigeon infestation, drainage, roof and trap doors open, screening torn away and general reasonably clean condition.  Doors to organ chambers should be opened, checked and closed also.  Make sure your guy also closes everything up.

Trap doors are improperly closed in at least one of every three towers I have been in.  High winds can do it.  Non-bell repairman are notorious for leaving them open.  It is the equivalent of heating your house with the front door wide open.

Pigeons will mess up every level they can get to.  'Nearer thy pigeon to thee'  is not an approved human hymn If you spot pigeons roosting on your building, better take a real good look.  Once evicted or kept out, they will perch on your building for a week or two before finally giving up and going elsewhere.  Just to keep you honest, they keep checking your tower out.

Some people use a plastic owl as a deterrent.  Put up a note about it so whoever goes in will not have the stuffing scared out of them when they unexpectedly see him.  From the mouth of one who knows.
[Ditto for plastic snakes.  /CSZ/]

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