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Chimer's Workshop and Chime Recital
September 4-6, 2004

At St. George's Memorial Anglican Church - Oshawa, Ontario

A success beyond imagination.

Friday - dinner at the Golf Club - Thanks to friends of St. Georges for hosting the coctail hour.

Saturday - 10-2 pm, All eighteen chimer attendees had the opportunity to play the Carswell Chime at St. George's.  The chimestand and the markings on the chimestand were foreign to many of us.  It was a surprise to see how well everyone adapted.  Gordon Slater, the well respected Dominion Carilloneur, provided excellent critiques of our style, feeling and technique over a speaker hookup to the ground level where most of us listened.  His comments on rehearsal, and substance over speed and noise gave many of us something long-lasting to think about.

Saturday - 3 pm, Mr Slater gave a concert adapted to the 15 bell Carswell Chime

An original copy of "Sonata for a Musical Clock" by former Dominion Carilloneur Percival Price was given to Mr. Slater, and copies to the rest of us.

Saturday - A surprise pre-dinner gathering was hosted at the home of Joan Fontaine.

Saturday - dinner at the Chinese buffet (They were as good as advertised.)
Joe Connors presented Rob Millikin with the Quasimoto Award for his contribution to the chime ringing community.  Rob already had a dream of chimes ringing all over Canada.  "A happy bell is a rung bell".  Fortunately, after our first meeting in 2003, he was able to find more people to bring around to his and AllChimes thinking.

Conference pictures - at Oshawa

Sunday - Gordon Slater returned to play Sunday morning 0900-0930 before services.

The chime at St.Paul's, Port Hope

Attendees from St. George's Memorial Chimers Guild or Oshawa:
Rachel Bowman - Age 16
Steve Bowman - Keeper of the belfry (and proud dad of Rachel)
Joan Fontaine
Gillian Heath
Marie Libby
Lois McDonald
Rob Millikin - Host and Chimer
Jane Prosser
Susan Wright - chimesmaster
Deborah Zimmerman
Donna Macky - observer
Margo McNab - observer

Attendees not from St. George's Memorial or Oshawa:
Joe Connors - St. Patricks, Troy, NY, USA -
John Earnshaw - St. John's Anglican, Peterborough
Steve Ellam - Trinity Anglcan, Cornwall, Ont.
Bob Feldman - Unitarian Church, West Newton, MA, USA - former Cornell Chimesmaster
Jennifer Lory-Moran - Cornell Chimes, Ithaca, NY, USA - Chime advisor
Walter Plater - St. Paul's Presbyterian, Hamilton, Ont.
Bruce Pond - St. John's Anglican - Peterborough, Ont.
Peter and Pat Ryde - St. James, Stratford, Ont.
Gordon and Elsa Slater - Houses of Parliament, Ottawa, Ont.

More will be happening at St. George's

Saturday, September 25 - the chimes were played at the "open house".  People were invited to tour the church and 15 went all the way up to the chiming cabin in the bell tower.

Thursday, November 11 - Plans are being made for "Remembrance Day".

December - The Santa Claus Parade.
What innocently started out as a chimer noticing the quiet crowds waiting for the Santa Claus Parade to pass by and deciding to play some Christmas carols for the folks, later finding out that everyone started singing them has blossomed into an expected addition to the parade.
St. George's people are now planning to hand out "Carol Song Sheets" to the crowd.

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