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  Since the demise of Joe Connors, founder of this Website, the database listings in these pages are no longer being updated.  Thus this questionnaire is obsolete; but it remains here to show Joe's interests.  You may find the bell tower of your interest at, which is being actively maintained; you aare invited and encouraged to submit updates to any information that is presented there, using the email link at the bottom of the relevant page.  /CSZ/

Questionnaire - for corrections or new site information:

Print and mail to:  Joe Connors, [address deleted]
 Call at [phone deleted] or e-mail  [eddress deleted]

Please fill in information that is reasonably easy to find.

Name of edifice:


City + State + Zip:

Tel:                                         Fax:                                     Days and Hours:

E-mail address:

Web site address:

Person to contact:

Persons e-mail:

Directions: main hwy, trolley, subway:

Original chime/instrument - year:            #bells:            maker/foundry:

Added bells:

How played:

Played in key of:          numbers?   N   Y    letters?   N   Y    currently played?   Y   N

If played, # of chimers:                Name of computer write/transpose program?                  


Events played for or why not played:

What information would you see in for this web site or in a newsletter?

Automatic devices?

Tower clock?          year?            Maker?                                   Operational?

What information would you like to see in a newsletter or added to  this site?

Feel free to copy and send comments or any historical data you may find, such as newspaper articles, copies of bills, dedication programs, pictures of the bells on the lawn,  being blessed, installed, played or other items deemed meaningful.

You are the caretaker of  an historical instrument.  Be proud of it for yourself and your community.

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