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Info needed to research, buy or sell a bell.

Information about the bell and any parts that go with it:
1. All of the lettering on the bell
2. Diameter of the bell
3. All of the lettering on the frame (if there is one)
4. Pictures of bell, yoke and stand as it stands
5. City & State location of bell
6. If bell in building, who must remove it?
7. How mounted? or comes with yoke or stand
8. Wheel is metal or wood?
9. Clapper is attached or seperate or missing
10. Where did the bell originally come from, and when?  (if not already described above)
19. Any other pertinent info, like a bottom clapper?

To sell:
21. Contact one of Allchimes known vendors:  VendorsFor All - will sometimes purchase an individual bell
22. Auction - Ebay, Craigs List or other
23. Advertise locally with a price minimum or range

Purchaser info:
31. Pick up only
32. Will deliver within ?# of miles
33. Will crate & ship (+ charges)

Value of a bell:
Often, the sentimental value supersedes a monetary value.  Perhaps gift it.
Bronze bells (about 67% copper, 23% Great lakes tin) sell for $3.00 or more for scrap.
Steel bells - far less

for bronze bell, given the diameter - Bell chart - for approx tone, weight, size

If a Meneely & Kimberly 1872-1879 or Clinton H. Meneely 1880-1950 of Troy, NY, there is a transcription of all known bells they cast.  There is no such known list for any other U.S. foundry (except Revere) - the Kehn Book ** Meneely of Troy - all bell sales - voluntarily transcribed by Jess Brodnax.
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