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My experience is that these vendors do EXACTLY what you contract for, and DO IT VERY WELL.  Remember the conditions they might be working in in your tower.  Cramped quarters, years of neglect, pigeon droppings, previous repairs, delicate footing, cell tower equipment, weather(hot/cold/muggy/breezy) and more.

Vendor salesmen would be remiss if they didn't give you all the options available in your tower.  You have to decide what is necessary for your situation - cost, options and a timetable for its completion.

It is important that all information below is accurate and unambiguous for both the user and the vendor.
Please inform ALLCHIMES of any necessary changes via  Carl Zimmerman.

Balzer Clockworks, Freeport, ME- - Nationwide
Restoration of Tower Clocks.

Brosamer Bells - Brooklyn, MI- - Mid West.
Used bells, Parts, Bell info, Bell Foundry Books
New single handbells, teachers' bells.

CHMSTR - Chime Master - Lancaster, OH - - Nationwide.
American rep for Eijsbouts - new bells, chimes, carillons.
Renovation of historic chimes and carillons, tuning, automatic mechanisms.
Clocks (Tower/Street/Architectural) - Electronic Tower Systems - Restoration and Maintenance
Bell control electronics, electronic chimes, swing motors

CHSPEC - Church Specialties - VT and PA - - Maine to Virginia.
New Bells thru xxx, Bell Restoration and Maintenance , Electronic Tower Systems, Steeples, Steeplejacks, Tower Clocks

Coastal Clock and Chime Co. - Cinnaminson, NJ -
ME thru PA DE VA WV MD DC - Service, Sales, Installation - Bells, Clocks, Chimes, Carillons

EI - Eijsbouts - Holland - - Worldwide and thru Chime Master.
Carillons, Chimes, Bells, Carillon Service.

Neil Goeppinger - Boone, IA - used bells
Todd Lower - Knoxville, TN - - Mid West.
Used bells, Parts, Bell info, Bell Foundry Books.

MMark - Malmark - Plumsteadville, PA - - Nationwide.
Hand Bells, Refurbishing, Accessories, Music.

MRowe - Maas-Rowe - Escondido, CA - - Nationwide.
Electronic Tower Systems - Tower clocks.

MS - McShane - Glen Burnie, MD - - Nationwide.
New Bells, Peals - Restoration and Maintenance

MW M&W - Meeks, Watson & Co. - Georgetown, OH - - Nationwide and Canada.
New bells, chimes, carillons - Tuning - Restoration and Maintenance

NCS - Neill Carillon Service - NJ - - Eastern U. S.
Bell & Clock Restoration and Maintenance - Clocks(Tower/Street) - Riggers

CP - Christoph Paccard - Charleston, SC -
Bells, Bell and Clock Towers, Glockenspiels, Musical Sculptures, Custom Towers.
PF - Petit-Fritsen - Aarle-Rixtel, Holland - - Worldwide.
ITV-Verdin is their North American representative.

SCHUL - Schulmerich - Sellersville, PA - service for only their installations.
And handbells.
Electric Carillons, Handbells, Melody bells, Melody Wave
TA - Taylor - Loughborough, England - - Worldwide.
Carillons, Chimes, Rings, single bells, Taylor Carillon maintenance

VB - Van Bergen, Charleston, SC -
Harry Van Bergen, Carillon Consultant

ITV - Verdin - Cincinnati, OH - - Nationwide & Canada.
Represents PF - Petit-Fritsen Bell Foundry
Purchased Van Bergen Line, New Bells, Peals, Chimes, Carillons, Portable Single Bell Foundry
Clocks (Tower/Street/Architectural) - Electronic Tower Systems - Restoration and Maintenance

WH - Whitechapel - London, England - - Worldwide.
Whitechapel carillon maintenance, English style change ringing bells,
handbells, technical handbooks, handbell music

As custodian of an historic bell, is there a moral obligation to pay attention to the historical future of that bell?
Our one pet preservation thought (on chimes, of course) is that any manual chime, even if electrified, should also be allowed to remain to be played manually.  Over time, circumstances, musical people and their needs change.  They change from young to old and back to young again.  (a tip from Bob Verdin)  In other words, do not get rid of the manual playing capacity. --- Trust us, someday, you will again want that ability.
This will probably add little or no cost to any work you do.


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