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      The foundries installed your bell(s) and you were on your own ... but not any more.

A guide to Cast Tower Bells - their care, repair and musical use.

Cast 8-77 Bell Tower Instruments in North America, Cradle to Grave.

Locations of North American chimes, carillons, tubulars, change rings, glockenspiels, special bells, other multiple BELL tower instruments and BELL Museums.

FAQ's, explanations, basics, music, claviers, pictures, videos, maintenance, events, stories and incidental info too historically valuable to vanish into unrecorded history.

Links to Bell Tower Instruments World Wide.

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Chime with electric action
Generally speaking -
Chimes - 8-22 bells, controlled by one apparatus at one time.
Carillons - 23 thru today's largest of 77 bells.

Westminster on the hour - 4 or 5 bells.
Angelus - 2-4 bells.

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