..... All Tower Bells ..... Chimes our specialty.

Oshawa, Ontario, St. George's Anglican  
WH-15 1924  Rob Milliken
original chimestand still here
J.W.Benson drum in place.

Ron had me play the first number of his noon concert, then disappeared until the end.
Sight reading on a unique chimestand.  It was challenging and rewarding to survive.
The drum has eight tunes, but is inoperable.  It is in a tight squeeze up there.
The Mears and Stainbank (Whitechapel) plaque and original chimestand.  Note the 11 lower and 4 upper levers.
 The 4 foot pedals were probably roped to the four lower bells, perhaps later copied in Meneely chimestands, not the 2-5 shown here.
The pedals are not original to the chimestand, as evidenced by the sawn-through lower crosspiece; they must be a later, local addition, perhaps in imitation of American chimestands.  /CSZ/ 
There is a certain extra charm about towers with graffiti.
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