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Buffalo, NY, Assumption of the BVM (Polish) Catholic Church, TY-10-1920

From Student to Priest to Pastor.
Fr. Jedrzejewski honors the history of the church which was built with the bare hands of local Polish immigrants.  The bells now work from an automatic device after years of disuse.

When the chime was originally played from a chimestand, the vertical rods ran thru the ten holes above.
The automatic electric strikers below strike the bells

The original chime clappers remain in place, mostly disconnected from any remnants of the original transmission.  Rusty brackets for former spring returns are also visible inside the bells.  /CSZ/

This E. Howard tower clock runs the hands on the clock faces on one tower.
An identical tower clock runs the hands on the other clock face.
If one fails, you wll notice a different time on each tower.

This clock is in the tower with the chime; notice some of the floor holes for the original chime transmission rods, visible to the lower left of the clock.  The single weight chute beside the left window would have powered the time train in the clock before it was electrified.  /CSZ/

A different view of the same clock shows the pull wire for the hour strike going up just left of center, from the end of the striker arm that is visible in the first photo.  The hour strike has also been electrified, and is now powered by motor and chain drive.  The original weight chute that powered the hour strike train in the clock must be on the opposite wall from that seen in the first photo - an unusual arrangement.  An old Angelus machine, probably now disused, sits on a low timber frame between the clock and the left window.  /CSZ/

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