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Tunes not normally in Hymnals - by minimum # of bells in chime and Name

There are music writing and transposition programs for computer.  In the beginning, they will all drive you crazy.  Symphony, Finale, Noteworthy, Muzsic and others.

I have worked with Finale.  It drove me crazy until I called Finale, and they quickly solved every problem.  You can enter a tune in the key in front of you, and then print it out in another key.  Then we might figure out a way to make these tunes available to all chimers in the correct key.  If successful, then we might be brash enough to try numbers and letters.

Title within minimum  # bells needed # * Category Book Key Comment
Alouette 5 s French fb-180 F
Au Clair de Lune 6 v-12 F
Buffalo Gals 6 Folk fb-137 C 6 bells
Finlandia 6 Classical v-72 C xp F-C
London Bridge 6 fun
Ode to Joy 6 fun
Believe Me If All Those 8 Irish b2-15 C
Frere Jacques (round) 8 x fun fb-179 C xp G-C
Gift of Finest Wheat 8 Catholic b2-7 C
Katy O'Neill 8 Irish b2-27 C
Lady of Knock 8 Irish b2-8 C know where to stop
Last Rose of Summer 8 s Irish b2-18 C
Li'l Liza Jane 8 folk fb-130 C
Little Annie Rooney (chorus) 8 x Irish boim-62 C xp Eb-C
Love Me Tender (Elvis) 8 Wedding fb2-406 G
Lullaby (Brahms) 8 x Classical fb-152 C xp F-C
Must I Then 8 German fb-175 C
O Sanctissima 8 Italian b2-10 C Religious
Old MacDonald 8 fun fb-131 G no F#
On Top Of Old Smokey 8 fun fb-123 C
On Top of Spaghetti 8 Child fb2-505 C
Peter Cottontail 8 s Child fb2-516 C
Priest Forever (Gaffigan-Albany) 8 Priest b1-33 C
Round Her Neck, Yellow Ribbon 8 Patriotic fb-107 C
Shortnin' Bread 8 Spiritual fb-150 C
This Land is Your Land 8 s fb2-665 G F# twice
Tom Dooley 8 Folk fb-135 G no F#
Too-ra Loo-ra Loo-ra 8 s Irish b2-23 C
We May Roam Thru This World 8 o Irish boim-118 C also b2-26
Wearing of the Green 8 Irish b2-13 C
Adeste Fidelis 9 Christmas fb-98 F xp G-F
Andantino 9 classical fb-153 F
Aura Lee 9 Folk fb-138 F
Bicycle Built for Two 9 Waltz fb-66 F xp G-F
Cockles and Mussels 9 Irish b2-11 F
Do I Love You Because you're Beaut 9 Wedding fb2-154 Bb no Eb
Down by the Riverside 9 fun fb-23 F
Down in the Valley 9 fun fb-121 F
Flow Gently Sweet Afton 9 Scottish v-09 F
Foggy Foggy Dew 9 Irish fb-125 F xp G-F
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow 9 x fun fb-140 C xp G-C
Good Night Ladies 9 fun fb-142 F xp G-F
Green Grow the Lilacs 9 x Irish v-12 F xp C-F
Hail Hail the Gangs All Here 9 fun fb-141 F xp G-F
Hail to the Chief 9 Patriotic fb2-228 C xp-f
Hail, Hail, The Gangs All Here 9 fun fb2-229 G xp-f
Happy Birthday 9 fun fb-93 F
Harrigan, that's Me (chorus) 9 s Irish boim-25 F xp G-F
Heigh Ho 9 fun fb2-241 G G-11 F-09
Home on the Range 9 Folk fb-124 F xp G-F
I Love You Truly 9 Wedding fb2-278 F
I Want To Climb Up Jacobs Ladder 9 Spiritual v-09 F
It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' 9 x folk fb-139 F xp C-F
I've Been Workin on the Railroad 9 s Folk fb-129 F xp G-F
I've Got Rings on My Fingers 9 Irish boim-49 F xp G-F
June is Bustin' out All Over 9 s Summer fb2-352 F G-11 F-09 xp-F
Macnamara's Band 9 Irish boim-154 C
Marianne 9 latin fb-59 F
Matilda 9 latin fb-48 C Jamaican
Michael, Row the Boat Ashore 9 s Sacred fb-146 C
My Darling Clementine 9 Folk fb-128 F xp G-F
My Wild Irish Rose 9 o Irish b2-12 C
Pop Goes the Weasel 9 o fun fb-114 F xp G-F
Scarborough Fair 9 English-old v-11 F
She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain 9 s fun fb-132 F xp G-F
Sidewalks of New York 9 Waltz fb-74 F xp G-F
Too Fat Polka 9 Polka fb2-682 C
When the Caissons go Rolling (Navy) 9 so Patriotic b2-3 C
Whistle While You Work 9 fun fb2-725 C
You're a Grand Old Flag 9 s Patriotic b2-5 F
Abide with me 10 Sacred fb-144 F
Amen amen amen amen 10 Gospel fb2-39 F
America 10 Patriotic v-07 F xp G-F
Ash grove 10 Welsh v-10 F
Auld Lang Syne 10 New year fb-101 F
Bell Bottom Trousers 10 fun fb2-71 Bb no Eb
Bells of St Marys 10 s fb2-70 Eb xp-c
Blow the Man Down 10 x Folk fb-126 F xp Eb-F
Buttons and Bows 10 fun fb2-98 F
Casper the Friendly Ghost 10 fun fb2-111 C
Come Back to Erin 10 s Irish boim-14 C try it
Danny Boy 10 s Irish boim-4 C
Dear Hearts and Gentle People 10 Ballad fb2-145 F
Dear Little Shamrock 10 x Irish boim-16 F xp G-F
El Cuando 10 Latin v-09 F
Fifth Symphony Theme 10 classical fb-162 F
Give My Regards to Broadway 10 s Popular fb-32 ? Bb? F?
God Bless America 10 Patriotic b2-2 F
Hail Holy Queen 10 s Catholic b2-62 C Assumption
Hatikovah 10 Hebrew Anthem fb-176 F
He's Got the Whole World 10 Sacred fb-147 F
Humoresque 10 s Classical fb-163 C
I Believe 10 Show fb2-262 C
If I Knock the 'L' out of Kelly 10 s Irish b2-25 C
In the Good Old Summertime 10 Waltz fb-68 Bb no Eb
It's the Same Old Shillelagh 10 Irish fb2-341 C
Jingle Bells 10 Christmas fb-100 F
La Raspa 10 s Latin fb-56 Bb Mexican no Eb
Lady of Spain 10 fun fb2-369 C
Lead Kindly Knight 10 Sacred fb-145 Bb no Eb
Let Me Call You Sweatheart (chorus) 10 s Irish boim-58 C xp Bb-C
Let Us Break Bread Together 10 s Spiritual v-07 F
Loch Lomond 10 Scottish fb-185 F
Loves Old Sweet Song 10 Ballad fb-12 F
McSorleys Twins 10 Irish boim-68 F
Minstrel Boy 10 Irish b2-19 C
Moon River 10 fb2-442 C
Mother Dear O Pray for Me 10 Sacred b2-62 Bb no Eb
Music Music Music, Put Another Nick 10 fun fb2-483 F
Nor Du (Thou Only) 10 German v-9 F
O Canada 10 so Canadian b2-6 F
O Give Me The Hills 10 Folk v-7 F
Oh! My Darling Augustine 10 German fb-174 F
Pat Malloy 10 Irish boim-96 F
Pomp & Circumstance 10 so Graduation b2-1 C
Silent Night 10 s Christmas fb-97 C
Skye Boat Song 10 Scottish Folk v-11 G
Sound of Music 10 s Show fb2-608 F
St Patrick's Day 10 o Irish boim-104 F no Bb
Sweet Rosie O'Grady 10 Irish boim107 F no Eb
Swing Low Sweet Chariot 10 s Sacred fb-149 F
Toyland 10 s Christmas fb-109 F
Turkey in the Straw 10 o fun fb-116 F
When Johnny Comes Marching Home 10 Dixieland fb-34 Bb no Eb
When the Saints go Marching In 10 o Dixieland fb-30 F
Where the River Shannon Flows 10 Irish b2-21 C
Whistling Gypsy Rover 10 Irish boim-134 G no F#
Who Threw The Overalls in Mrs Murph 10 s Irish b2-19 C f#/E
After the ball 11 waltz fb-71 F
Bible Tells Me So 11 s fb2-75 G
Blue Bells of Scotland 11 Scottish v-11 C
Drink to Me Only with Thine eyes 11 s English v-12 G
Everythings Coming Up Roses 11 Show fb2-181 C
Galway Piper 11 s Irish b2-16 G
Good Night Irene 11 Waltz fb-73 G
Goodnight, It's Time to Go 11 Show fb2-217 G
If I Had a Hammer 11 o fun fb2-312 D no C#
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen 11 s Irish boim-34 F
Irish Washerwoman 11 Irish fb-111 G
Kerry Dance 11 s Irish b2-17 C
La Marsellaise (Anthem) 11 s French b2-4 G
Mighty Lak' A Rose 11 Ballad fb-09 F
Molly O! 11 Irish b2-28 C
O Promise Me 11 s Wedding fb-86 F
Old Gray Mare 11 s fun fb-133 F
One More Day 11 Spiritual v-12 F
Piano Concerto (Tschaikowsky) 11 s Classical fb-154 F
Priest Forever (Ecce Sacerdos) 11 Priest b3-12 C
Red Sails in the Sunset 11 Ballad fb2-540 G
The Blue Tail Fly 11 Dixieland fb-36 F xp G-F
There is a Tavern in the Town 11 Polka fb-119 C
When Irish Eyes are Smiling 11 Irish boim-142 C
Wouldn't it be Loverly 11 Show fb2-747 F
Younger Than Springtime 11 Show fb2-771 C
America the beautiful 12 s Patriotic fb-103 C
American patrol 12 s march fb-190 F xp Eb-F
Annie Laurie 12 Scottish fb-183 C
Army Air Corps 12 Patriotic b2-60 C
Ay Ay Ay 12 Mexican fb-44 C
Barcarolle 12 s Classical fb-155 C
Battle Hymn of Republic 12 Patriotic b2-9 C
Beer Barrel Polka 12 s Polka fb2-69 C
Berceuse from Joclyn 12 s Classical fb-158 C
Campbells are Coming 12 x Scottish fb-184 C xp Bb-C
Cielito Lindo 12 O Latin fb-60 C
Colonel Bogey March 12 March fb2-124 C
Emperor Waltz 12 Waltz fb-82 F
Feelings 12 Show fb2-190 G
Getting to Know You 12 show fb2-203 C
Girl That I Marry 12 Wedding fb2-209 Bb xp-c
Hail to the Chief 12 * Patriotic b2-61 find better version
Hallelujiah Chorus 12 Sacred b3-06 C Chr/Easter
Happy Wandereer 12 fun fb2-234 Bb xp-c
Helena Polka 12 s Polka fb-118 F
How Are Things in Glocca Morra 12 s fun fb2-254 F
I want a Girl Just 12 Wedding fb2-287 C
I Whistle a Happy Tune 12 fun fb2-289 C
If I Loved You 12 o fb2-314 C
In The Chapel in the Moonlight 12 s Wedding fb2-322 F
Ireland Must Be Heaven 12 * Irish b2-29 find better version
Irish Jubilee 12 Irish boim-40 G
It's a Grand Night for Singing 12 fun fb2-335 G
La Cucaraca 12 Latin fb-45 G
La Golondrina 12 o Latin fb-62 Bb no Eb
La Paloma 12 Latin fb-63 C
Little Brown Jug 12 fun fb-31 C
Melody of Love 12 Waltz fb-65 F
Melody of Love 12 Waltz fb2-432 F
Mother Macree 12 s Irish boim-77 C
Oklahoma 12 Show fb2-483 C
On the Street Where You Live 12 Show fb2-490 Bb xp-c
On the Sunny Side of the Street 12 Summer fb2-491 C
Sailors Hornpipe 12 s fun fb-113 C
Santa Lucia 12 s Italian fb-166 C
That's Amore 12 Wedding fb2-648 Bb xp-c
Wedding March 12 s Wedding fb-90 C
When I Dream of Old Erin 12 Irish boim-122 C
When You Were Sweet Sixteen 12 Ballad fb-15 C
Where Did You Get That Hat? 12 Irish boim-125 C
Yellow Rose of Texas 12 Dixieland fb-37 G
You'll Never Walk Alone 12 o Show fb2-765 C
Young Voyageur 12 Chantey v-11 C
You're in My Heart 12 German fb-173 F
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