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Foundry [and action] abbreviations: - often self explanatory.
AS  BH  CA  CE  CH  CM  CO  CR  EI  FN  GJ  HA  HT  JO  MI  MS  MU  MW  OB  PA  PF  PM  RI  RO  RU  ST  TA  TY(Meneely Troy)  VA  VB  VD  WA  WH  WT(Meneely West Troy)  XX  ZV 
GL - Glockenspiel

Some odd ones are WT-West Troy/Watervliet-Alfred Meneely, TY-Troy-Clinton Meneely, CA-Carillons, CR-Change Rings, FN-Foreign Unknown, GL-Glockenspiel, MU-Museum, XX-Unknown

AS - Aspinwall of Albany - see ASPINWALL in section 1F

BH - Revere / Blake / Hooper, Boston, MA - 1830-1892
Boston Copper Co. Boston, MA. (1823-1830)
Paul Revere 3rd, John W. Sullivan & William Blake; Henry N. Hooper, Agent
Henry N. Hooper & Co. (1830-1868)
(Hooper, Blake, Thomas Richardson) (purchased from Revere)
William Blake & Co. (1869-1890) (William Blake & William S. Blake)
Blake Bell Co. (1890-1892+) (William S. Blake, Mgr.) 9 chimes verified

CA - Carillon - mostly manual - single/multiple founders in comments

CE - Carillon - known to be electrified - Keyboard, Other

CH - Chime - more than 1 foundry in set, founders in comments

CM - Chimola - 7 known in U.S., founders in comments
5-WT,  1-Mears&Stainbank (Whitechapel), 1-Clerkinwell (London)

CO - Cornille-Havard (France) - 1 chime at Fall River, MA, burned 1982

CR - Change Ring - previously listed as RO and RI

DE - Deagan - Tubular - Chicago, IL - all electrified - approx 240
most broke down, about 40 active -

DU - Durfee - Tubular-Manual - Providence, RI - 10 known
Walter Durfee was also a maker of tall case clocks with tubular chimes.
Purchased by McShane about 1925, none known made.  See MT-McShane tubular

EI - Eijsbouts - Asten, Holland - active -

FN - Foreign, maker in comments if known

GJ - Gillett & Johnston - Croydon, England
chimes and carillons thru 1950's.
still active in clocks -

HA - George L. Hanks, was Niles Bell Foundry 1842-1849, later bought by Vanduzen, and included in their catalogues, causing confusion. (Cincinnati, Ohio) 2 chimes.

HT - Benjamin?/Julius/Oscar Hanks, made in WT? and TY, Gurley, Hanks and Starbuck Foundry 1825-1935? no chimes.
Reported and verified...
1831 31" in Meneely 'A' frame at Renss. County Hist. Society, Troy, NY
1833 36" in Jones 'A' frame at Fonda Reformed Ch, relocated from Amsterdam Reformed 1868 or 1869
1829 30" at Boone, IA, J Hanks 1829 on waist
1824 at Sanger Masonic Lodge, Waterville, NY, in tower chime bell frame
1831 at Salisbury, NY, across Route 29 from former 1831-1946 Baptist and Universalist Church

Reported but not verified...
1814 at Jefferson Academy, Jefferson, NY, Schoharie County, NY
1815 at Hartwick College, Yager Hall, Oneonta, NY Hartwick Seminary 1815, J.Hanks Fecit.-J.G.Knauff Executor
1817 at Auburn NY Prison, now in outer prison front yard,
1823 at Old First Church, Bennington, VT
1825 at Old Southeast Church, Brewster, NY --- (Troy Casting Co)
1835 at East Cong Church, Milton, MA
1830's bell for building belonging to Schoharies First Railroad
1803 or 1830 704# for Dutch Reformed Church, Schoharie County by Julius Hanks, disposition unknown, replaced by Kimberly & Meneely of Troy 1875 1174#
1831 at Fayetteville, NC, First Pres Church, recast by Oscar Hanks from 1831 fire, in tower chime bell frame inscribed "I perished in the flames the 29th of May 1831" "Hank Bell Foundry Troy"

From Clinton Meneely Day Book transcribed by Jess Brodnaux:
Line 4422: Cooperstown, 1st Pres Ch. 1823# Dec 29, 1898, originally purchased bell from Julius Hanks in 1817, after church burned in 1880's bell was later purchased from Meneely of Troy
Line 6190: Troy, St. Pauls P E Ch, 1900# Feb 23, 1900, KBS in1900, J.Hanks bell originally cast in 1830, cracked and was recast in 1900 by Meneely Bell Co. as the gift of Mary M. Thampson "Glory in Excelsis Deo", from parish history 1804-1954, page 81.

JO - Jones & Hitchcock, Jones, Troy Bell Foundry, Troy, NY - 1852-1887
23 Chimes 1853-1887 1st domestic chime, St. Stephen's, Philadelphia, PA 1853.
Oldest chime in operation (since 1856) St. Anne's, Lowell, MA. 10 remain.
Jones & Hitchcock 1852-1857
Jones & Co. 1857-1887  AKA Troy Bell Foundry

The Meneely Troy Foundry was given the designation 'TY'. The Meneely West Troy (city changed name to Watervliet) Foundry was given the designation 'WT'. It was only after the original data base that McShane tubular and Meeks/Watson were added.

MI - Marcel Michiels - Tournai, Belgium - carillons

MS - McShane - Baltimore, MD - #3 U.S, chime founder
now active working arrangement with Taylor, 140+ chimes, records difficult to access.
McShane's Bell Foundry (1856-1857)
Henry McShane & Co. (?-1876-1887-?)
McShane Bell Foundry (?-1902-?)
McShane Bell Foundry Co. (?-1912-1920-?)

MT - McShane - Tubular Chimes - have catalog - none known made
Purchased from Durfee around 1925

MU - Museums - listed for your information

MW - Meeks, Watson & Co. - Georgetown, OH, 1990-curr - carillons, chimes
- Retune and cast good quality new, plain bells in the U.S.

OB - O'Byrne - Dublin, Ireland - 1887-1958+ - have 1962 catalog
- Rings, Chimes thruout Ireland and Europe.

PA - Paccard - Annecy, France - 1796-curr - in U.S. thru Van Bergen ---

PF - Petit & Fritsen - Aarle-Rixtel, Holland - 1660-curr
in U.S. thru Verdin (Cincinnati, OH) - ---

PM - Paccard - Annecy, France - Apparently thru Morisette in Quebec City - long ago

RI - Rope Change Rings - most appear as RO
RO - Rope Change Rings
Change Ringing, many Whitechapel, founder in list comments
[Both of these codes were replaced by CR in Joe's database; see above.]

RU - Ruetschi - Switzerland - current
[This code had been added to Joe's database, but not to this page.]

ST - Stuckstede - St. Louis, MO - 1864-1940
J G Stuckstede & Bro. (1864-1883) - no chimes
Henry Stuckstede & Co (1884-1888) - maybe 2 chimes
The Henry Stuckstede Bell Foundry (1888-1931) - 6 chimes, 3 or 4 remain
Stuckstede & Bro. (1890-1940 to 1961) no chimes

TA - Taylor - Loughborough, England - 1784-active
in U.S. thru McShane, 28 chimes, many carillons
Eayre & Smith (bell hangers and engineers) and Taylor merged July 1, 2005
Reported amalgamated with Hayward Mills 2012

TU - Other Tubular Chimes - founder in comments if known

TY - Clinton Meneely (REDS - red hair) - Troy, NY - 1869-1951 - 160+ chimes, 4 car
Meneely & Kimberly (1869-1879)
Clinton H. Meneely Bell Co. (1879-1902)
Meneely Bell Co. (1902-1951)
Dan Meneely web site
Complete record of all bells sold on permanent loan to Hudson Mohawk Gateway, Troy, NY

US - U.S.Tubular - Methuen, MA - some manual sets - history foggy

VA - Van Aerschodt, Leuven, Belgium - foundry exists
Restored CA-25 in Philadelphia, CA-35 in San Fernando - No chimes.

VB - Van Bergen - Greenwood, SC 1954-1977 - Helligerlee, Holland
7 chimes + carillons, active, not making bells

VD - Van Duzen - Cincinnati, OH - 16 chimes known
Buckeye Bell Foundry 1837-1848, Geo. W. Coffin
Buckeye Bell Foundry 1848-1866, Geo. W. Coffin & Geo. P Dudley
Buckeye Bell Foundry 1866-1866, Geo. W. Coffin, E. W. Vanduzen & C. T. Tift
Buckeye Bell Foundry 1866-1891, E. W. Vanduzen & C. T. Tift
Buckeye Bell Foundry / The Vanduzen & Tift Company, 1891-1894, E. W. Vanduzen
Buckeye Bell Foundry / The E. W. Vanduzen Company, 1894-1950, E. W. Vanduzen

WA - John Warner - Spitalfields, England - 1760-1924
2 chimes in Canada, many others outside U.S.

WH - Whitechapel, Mears & Stainbank - London, England - 1574-curr
Rudhall went bankrupt 1814, died 1835, wideon sold to mears 1835, who ran business 1814-1835?
Rings, Chimes -

WT - Andrew Meneely (BLACKS-black hair) - West Troy, Watervliet, NY 1826-1951
170+chimes, some tuned 1932 on (can see lathe grooves inside bells), 4 carillons
2nd & 3rd domestic chimes? (1854) Savannah (1854), Cleveland (1854)
(West Troy) Benjamin Hanks from CT., Julius Hanks (1808-1825) Gibbonsville.
Oscar Hanks (1834-1845) - Bells & Instruments. - Became Gurley Instruments in Troy.

West Troy/Watervliet - Andrew Meneely (1826-1836, 1841-1849)
Meneely & Oothout (1836-1841 while Andrew seriously ill)
Andrew Meneely & Son (1849-1851)
Andrew Meneely's Sons (1851-1863)
E.A. & G.R. Meneely (1863-1874)
Meneely & Co. (1874-1951).
E.A.Meneely etched into belfry stained glass at Holy Trinity, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, 1908.

XX - Foundry Unknown - installation unverified

ZV - Zvon - from Russia, some Eisjbouts, Pyatkov, Others - Russian Orthodox


Abbreviations - in comments anywhere on this site.

MNLB=Manual(Baton), MNLE=Manual (Ellacombe), MNL=Manual (Pump handle or unknown) EL=Electrified, AUTO=Automatic player, ELKB=Electrified Keyboard

VP=Personally visited, Videotaped, Pictures. Played if practical. Month/year.
+ indication for our videotape file number or pictures available from our file.
e-mail us for more info on getting copies. Available for over 200 towers.
People are often justifiably reluctant to go into bell towers themselves.

CHMST = Chime Master, a vendor

CHSPEC = Church Specialties, a vendor

CSZ = Carl S Zimmerman, carillon historian, bell historian for

JLC = Joe Connors, chime historian, webmaster for

JQ = Joe Connors and Gayle Quackenbush Walrath

L/O  M/O  H/O = Low  Middle  High  Octaves

MW  M+W  M&W = Meeks, Watson & Co., a vendor

ITV = The Verdin Company, a vendor

Foundry - List and short description

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