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Handbell sites.

site - American Guild of Handbell Ringers

site - Natalie "saw lady" Paruz - collector, performer

site - Susan T Nelson - collector

site - Percussive Arts Society (PAS)

This group starts with the Raleigh Ringers of NC.

This group came via the ABAII web site.  Included is an interview with the founder and president of Malmark.

Known manufcturers were Malmark, Schulmerich, Whitechapel and others we might find.
Guess what?  We found many more in the sites listed in the collector sites above in 2012.

Handbells and how they are played.

Are highly polished bells held and rung by handbell ringers in a handbell choir.

Novices usually hold 1 bell in each hand, graduating to more advanced techniques as shown below.
The whole set ranges from 1 to 5 octaves and is used to play tunes, chords and variations, some of them very complicated and pleasing.

They are rung from a standing position, often straight across on tables in front of an audience, such as a church congregation.
They are always played while wearing gloves.

The music used looks normal until you see the abbreviations used AND a scale of all bells used on the first page.
A ringer sets his/her bells up before playing.   B flat and B,   C and C sharp   might be one ringer's responsibility

A Handbell Symbols and Technique sheet - an incomplete sample

Keep bell upright, sound comes off the rim of the bell.
Ring soft - squeeze handle
Ring loud - relax hold on handle
Brush Damp - lightly slide (brush) bell against shoulder
Hand Damp = HD - staccato - place hand on bell to stop sound
Table Land Damp = TLD - dampen on table
Thumb Damp = TD - staccato - thumb against bell
Gyro Ring = Left half circle with arrow - arm extended, rotate bell with wrist or arm, bell rim away fron you
Let Vibrate = LV - do not dampen between notes
(Target symbol bullseye) ; R - ring and dampen notes
Mallet Ring - + over a mallet -strike bell with mallet near lip of bell where clapper hits bell. Use brush motion with the mallet.
Martellato = Mart - hit bell on padded table
Mart Lift - - hit bell on padded table and lift for sound
Pluck - PL - lay bell on table, hold handle and flip clapper downward using thumb and 2 fingers
Shake or Tremolo - sk~~~~ - rapid ringing of bell
Ring Touch - RT - ring bell and touch with hand, a short sound
Simile - continue playing same way
Swing - arrow down, arrow up TS - step back from table, swing arm back and up again
Trill - TR - 2 bells of adjacent pitch, shake both bells

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