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This is the Coburg, Ontario chimefest of June 21/22/23, 2010.


It's time I cleared out some stuff and in so doing, I've found these montages which show some of the happenings at our chime celebration in June.  I've included some other pictures as well as the piece which will go in the church "Keynotes".  It was a great weekend and the final whoopee was "The Story of St. Peter's Chimes".  It was written by Rod McAvoy (in montage pictures) from input by the junior choristers and was absolutely amazing.  It's too bad a complete DVD was not done.  I added the letter from the old gentleman who came down from Peterborough and celebrated 61 years of marriage this year - I suspect the date at the end should have been 1890s.     Kay
Thank you for asking me to play an additionl bit at the end of the chime celebration.  Even my rather pedantical and hesitative playing brough back even more memories.

   For your interest I'm attaching the  music  (you may like to 'chime' it or of course just recycle it).  There is also an interesting story concerning it.

   The first two lines and the 'limerick style words' were added since the Chime Weekend (limericks seemed to fit with Cobourg's Irish settlers who as I remember lived mainly in the South East part of town  known then as 'Corktown')

   However the remaining lines are actually a very brief composition of mine of 1942.  This was meant to be a somewhat dreamy and gentle romantic waltz.  At Christmas of that year, and with suitable words, it was given to a special young lady (we were both about 13 then).  She is a lifelong resident of Cobourg, we're still friends of course, and she still has the music.  Sunday was the first time played for all to hear but only a special few to recognize.

   Thank you again for that chiming oppertunity,

   Yours truly

  C.Edward (Ted) Taylor

PS  -  my St Peters connection dates to the late 1980s, Grandmother's marriage.

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