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Clocks - Tower clocks, Street clocks, Architectural clocks and others.
They can be quite historical and serious to quite comical - enjoy and learn.

Tower Clocks - are often found in bell towers.  If you don't know about them, don't mess with them, just look.

Some features may be:

Rewind weights for the pendulum and bell strikes.
- manual rewind of weights for the pendulum and bell strikes (somebody had to climb the tower and rewind the weights) became known as the 8 day rewind.
- 12 hour timing - older clocks - ring bells 24 hours a day, noon and midnight are the same.
- 24 hour timing - with inserts to stifle ringing at certain hours.
- electrical rewind (to rewind weights automatically, usually a shorter vertical rewind) doesn't need to last 8 days.
- small electric motor to run the clock only.  Bypasses the rewind mechanism.

There is actually a person in New England who goes around twice a year to reset clocks for in and out of daylight saving time.  Also a person in the New York subway system.

E. Howard (Boston, MA) and Seth Thomas (Thomasville, CT.) are the most prevalent.  An example of each is in the PICTURES section.

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