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Chimers are loners by design - and isolated from teamwork.

I blame this on the nature of Norht American chimes.  They need only one person to play one and are often played by one person for years.  Attempts at even my own chime (hear that?) to get others to play met with failure.  That one person gave up time to travel to visit family on holidays.  What a travesty not to have been able to switch with somebody sometimes.  What a shame not to interact or socialize with other chimers in your area.  And each chime has its own identity and differences which make it so unique and fascinating to get similar results.  I have been in over 400 of them - they all have different problems to solve, and you chimers are one wonderful and inventive group in solving them.  It is sometimes like meeting geniuses.

. With Change Ringing, it takes several people to get the music out.  "Bands", as they are called, almost always consist of more people than there are bells in their home tower.  When they are in proximity to another tower, they are sufficiently educated in their craft to ring almost any bell at that tower.  From experience, they are the most wonderful people you could ever meet.  Contrary to what you may think, after practices, they usually retire to a local pub, have only one drink, maybe two, maybe some food, do a lot of talking and go home.  Their organization is the www.NAGCR.ORG

. Carillons are a different story.  With 23 or more bells, there has to be some sort of money flow for maintenance and a gifted person to play it, much like organists are gifted and are paid.  The carilloneurs have and the organists have The American Guild of Organists.

What a shame that chimers, who have the most unique of all bell instruments, do not form chimer "bands" or an organization to share their incredible gift.
These are some of the attempts I have made over the years:
Letter encouraging the formation of chimers groups or bands, similar to the NAGCR.
Sent to Philadelphia Chimers and other installations on July 11, 2011.
This letter is meant for all chimers.

It's about time that we did this in my lifetime.
77 and still climbing towers.
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