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Manual 4,5,6,7 bell sets -  unusual but served a purpose.

GA - Clark Atlanta Univ. -1887-ST-07 - 7-manual, 4 now electrified.

MO - Independence, Presb Ch. 1937-WT-06  - Upgraded to an 8 bell chime in 1978.

NY - Hoosick, All Saints Epis. 1867-FN-05  CDEFG  Italy from Paris Exposition  - originally vertical pull handles on wall in tower, no pictures,  now electrified.

NY - Rochester, Christ Ch. 1930-WT-07  what remains of U of Roch 17 bells, electrified 

NY - Troy, Ch of Holy Cross, Ep. 1855-WT-06
+ Jones & Hitchcock-01 to replace 6th WT bell (horribly out of tune), CDEFGA, C and A were also swingers, manual, active.
A prime example of a tower that was cleaned of pigeon poop, then somebody went to the roof and left the hatch open.
Building now owned by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of Troy, NY
Will eventually find out their future intentions.

A manual Westminster chime

NH - Hopkinton, St. Andrews Epis. 1930-WT-04  - possibly the ONLY MANUAL WESTMINSTER IN EXISTENCE.

The only steel bell chime - and still in operation.

PA - Lancaster, Holy Trinity Lutheran, 9 bell 1861 STEEL chime by Naylor Vickers, Sheffield, England.
Existing 1768 Lester & Pack (Whitechapel) is the 7b bell in the chime.  Sound is surprisingly fine.
Played manually with wider pump handles that look like paddles.
Was the chime that replaced a Jones & Hitchcock 1853 chime the church was dissatisfied with.

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