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Kev's Guide to Church Bells Around the World. I recommend it highly.

Have gone to Europe and toured the Stratford-Upon-Avon area with Kevin.
This is an absolute invaluable guide to England, Ireland, Scotland bells of any type

By check, 24.99 pounds, or 29.99 euros, or $39.99. + postage?
Check with Kevin at first
Kevin Jones, 36 South Green Drive, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 9HR, United Kingdom

I have used his book and recommend it highly.
It is a "guide to" WHERE bell towers are located that might be of interest to ANY bell person.
Descriptions may have changed since he acquired the listing, but most likely there will be something there.
You can send him updated information, if you wish.
Look further within subsets of info for more current data.
Listings for over 18,000 towers in 159 countries, compiled over a period of 10 years.
562 hardbound pages, sequenced by COUNTRY and CITY.  Allchimes has added a North American list in section 3, to put them both in Kevin's sequence, so that you can parallel it.

Who - Change or addition..............Style and data changes to consider for next edition. ******************************************************************************************************
The least I can do for Kevin, an across the pond friend, who has no web site, is to list updates and corrections as you or I find them.

Ringing World - Larger type
- indentation for succeeding lines of an entry

Connors - Print a list of bell enthusiast subsets if one available, for more current checking
- Country name in index several times if known by several names.
- abbreviations for some recurring/repetitive phrases
- patterns for some info ie: Grassmayr-12-C-1912 +TA-01-D-1929
- list US and Canada by State and City
- certain info might contain verification info

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Page, Country, City, Institution, Info.........Updates and Corrections. ******************************************************************************************************
322 Bermuda, Main Island, St. John Ev, Taylor-25-C-1912 Plaque says 1912, typo error?
Clavier gone, worried about salt & wet climate, could not determine if used or electrified (2012)
322 Bermuda, Smiths Parish, Main Island, St Marks, Baton KB, Taylor-9-Bb-1910,1-Ab-1912, 3 chimers each for 2 services, KB numbered 9-8-7-0upper-6-5-4-3upper-2-l. Plays well. Also an earlier Meneely.(2012)

323 Canada, St. Georges, Brandon moved chime to Boissevain, Manitoba.
325 Canada, Hope is Port Hope, and not Fort Hope. Chimestand sits on a stairway balcony.
326 Canada, Peterborough, no chime.  Not Omemee either,12 miles away CSZ
388 Ireland, Dublin, St. Bartholomew, Baton KB, Taylor-08-F-19xx, seldom played, plays well (2009)

538 US, Troy/Watervliet, Confusion.  Andrew Meneely started founding bells in 1832 in Gibbonsville, which became West Troy, which became Watervliet (and still is).  Troy is across the Hudson River from these.  The story goes that when Clinton Meneely came back from the US civil war, he was told by his brothers that there was no room for him at the Watervliet business.  Clinton disagreed and with George Kimberly started his own foundry across the Hudson river in Troy in 1871.  Apparently, mail (and orders) was diverted to one company or the other.  Later on, there was a lawsuit over the use of the Meneely name.  The Judge spelled out who could use what name.

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