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T: indicates tube station, :T indicates previous name is also the tube station.
p, indicates page that this location appears in "Kev's Guide to Church Bells Around the World."
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St. Pancras, T:Kings Cross, p257, 4-Mears-1822, 4-Warner-1832, Ella. chime of 8
The smiling secretary stayed past her quitting time to show us the tower, and let me play.
Note: If you have played chimes by the numbers 1- # of bells in the U.S.,
in England they are usually numbered in reverse, # of bells to 1 at the top.
GQ-15 GQ-16
GQ-17 GQ-18

2 Christ Church, p57, T:Colliers Wood, Warner-1884, change ring of 6
002 003
004 005

10 St Paul's Cathedral, p141, street views
020 011

12 Westminster Cathedral, p255, WH-10-1971, Big Ben
013 014
015 016
017 019
020 012

22 Aldgate East:T, St. Botolph without, p141, CR-08, 6th-Mears 1966, else Lester 1744/1746
Story: As we waited, a Jack the Ripper tour was starting.  Women ran into here to avoid him.
Story: Nazi bomb landed here May 10 or 11, 1941.  Didn't explode.
022 023
024 025
026 027


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